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The Encyclopedia of the Universe

Assembled in the framework of the Universal Research Program based on the order of the Universe Supervisory Races Imperial Bureau. Continuously updated.


Activation of a discovered idle plasmator. Type of product (Metal, Crystal or Narion) has yet to be chosen.


An Alliance is a structural union that can provide advantages to its members. Members of an Alliance travel faster to each other’s Planets (within one round between and across Galaxies, Systems and the Universe. The members of an Alliance may hold different titles: General Member, Forum Administrator, Minister of Warfare and Commander. Titles are awarded or withdrawn by the Founding Commander of the Alliance. Titles provide several rights. One Alliance can have up to a hundred members. The leader is the Founding Commander of the Alliance. Anyone can form an Alliances and therefore anyone can be a leader.

Alliance Commander

One of the greatest Honors is to lead up to a hundred members in an Alliance. Assigned by The Founding Commander of the Alliance, They can choose the Ministers of Warfare and the Treasurers of the Alliance. They play the most important role in Diplomacy. They can open new topics in the Alliance forum and moderate these topics. They can organize attacks, request and provide defense, hire or fire Alliance members plus award or withdraw titles.

Alliance Coordinate Indicator

This instrument facilitates travel within the alliance. It improves the process of space bending by eliminating distortion during the jump, making travel time shorter.

Ascon control system

A universal navigation system used for space travel by the six species. It facilitates travel through all accessible regions of the Universe.


A nation from a bygone era. An Ancient civilization whose origin, history and disappearance are shrouded in mystery. Even the name ”"Ascon” s an invention of current times, derived from a contraction of astrum constructum, or “star builder.” Their level of development, knowledge and technology was far beyond our comprehension. It is widely believed that they built the universe and established the Universal Laws. It is not known what became of the Ascon civilization. Theories vary, but the most common suggest that they died out, they departed to an unknown destination, or that they are simply invisible to us. Evidence of their existence is found in the Universe and its Laws as well as technological artifacts, including the Plasmators, the Ascon control systems, and so on.

Basic ships

Can only fire at its targets and does not have any other specific characteristics.


The dignified master of the battles. It is relatively slow, its maneuvering is seemingly more careful, but the advantages of its giant fire power make their role in the battle ground unquestionable.

Basic weaponry: extra high powered full arsenal: laser, photon cannon, torpedo, ion cannon, plasma cannon and antimatter-ejector.

Shield: top category defense system with extra performance improvers, provides one hundred percent protection against laser, photon cannon, torpedo, the ion cannon, and the plasma cannon, only the antimatter-ejector represents a danger for it.

Regarding its fuel consumption, number of weapons as well as hit accuracy, it represents a fast warship type of higher category. It is a warship which is, by both its size and its artillery as well as armory, aimed at fighting the enemy. Its production requires large amounts of raw materials. It can be found in the fleet of all species.


Special ships used by the Khaduuii race. These ships can block enemy ships during the given round of battle so that they cannot fire their weapons. As these types of ships are not combat ships, blockers cannot destroy the enemy. The Khaduuii race has blocker-type ships in all the ship classes.

Booster Rocket

Transport unit for carrying probes. This vehicle is able to deliver its load to anywhere in the Universe. Depending on the size of the load, one or two boosters are needed. In the early years of space research, probes were propelled by chemical rockets. Though propulsion technology has changed over the years, these transport units have kept their original name.


Term used for destroying Defense Satellites. It literally means: destroying all Defense Satellites of a Planet. Breaking-in is successful when all Defense Satellites are destroyed . After a successful Break-in, information about the Planet can be obtained.


There are two kinds of Commanders: Alliance Commanders and Galaxy Commanders. Alliance Commanders hold greater power. They can give orders to Galaxy Commanders, make political decisions, assign Ministers of Warfare and decide the “fate” of members.

Commander of the Galaxy

He chooses the "Secretary of War" for the galaxy. He is responsible for keeping the members of the galaxy together. Commanders are entitled to "Minister Commission" each round .


High category combat unit. Huge sizes, massive fire power, almost impenetrable armory. Most of the ships in the battles are faster and their maneuvering capabilities are also better than that of the Cruiser, but the weapons arsenal on board and the accurate weapon control defines its determining role in battles.

Basic weaponry: high powered full arsenal: laser, photon cannon, torpedo, ion cannon, plasma cannon and antimatter-ejector.

Shield: top category defense system, provides one hundred percent protection against laser, photon cannon, torpedo and ion cannon, only the plasma cannon and the antimatter-ejector represent a danger for it. Although not entirely, it can only escape the really large vessels by its tactical and maneuvering capabilities.

Regarding its fuel consumption, number of weapons as well as hit accuracy, it represents a fast warship type of higher-medium category. Its production requires relatively large amounts of raw materials. It can be found in the fleet of all species.

Defense satellite

The defense satellite, a crucial element in planetary defense, is tasked with destroying reconnaissance probes. It plays a key role in preventing spying activities. The unit functions as a „Kamikaze,” device, destroying enemy probes by self-destructing within a given proximity of them.


The destroyer is a high mid-category combat unit and the bigger brother of the frigate. It is more powerful in every way: bigger engine, stronger shields, more powerful weapons. Its quickness is similar to that of a frigate; its defense against bigger ships lies in its abilities to maneuver.

Basic armament: full arsenal of upgraded mid-performance weapons: laser, photon cannon, torpedo, ion cannon, plasma cannon and antimatter-ejector.

Shield: reinforced mid-category defense system, providing complete protection against laser, photon cannon and torpedo, but it relies only on its maneuvering capabilities to escape the largest vessels.

Deus Ex Machina

See The Universal Laws of the Ascons.

Experience Points

Experience points can be earned after battles and over time. The more battles fought and especially won, the more XP earned and the more upgrades and titles are available. Experience points determine one’s options for upgrades and the possibilities for the Warlord.

Forum administrator

The Alliance Founding Commander nominates him. His job is to manage and moderate the forums of the alliance.


A low mid-category unit, the frigate is the middleweight workhorse of ship combat. Its effectiveness is based on its high performance engine, the significant power of its weapons, and shields that are many times more effective than those of smaller ships. It pays for its better equipment with somewhat slower speed, but it can still easily evade the firepower of larger ships.

Basic armament: full arsenal of mid-performance weapons: laser, photon cannon, torpedo, ion cannon, plasma cannon and antimatter-ejector.

Shield: mid-category defense system, providing complete protection against lasers and photon cannon, but this ship can only escape larger vessels with its maneuvering abilities.

The frigate is a consort warship class smaller than the destroyer. Its weaponry is best suited to combat with other frigates and hunters, but there are also some with targeting protocols that call for them to battle any class of ships. Regarding its fuel consumption, weapons and hit accuracy, the frigate is a fast ship of lower mid-range strength. Its production requires relatively few raw materials. Its construction is available to every species. As its size is restricted, a varied weapon system is needed for different tasks. Versions of the frigate developed for specific purposes include defense frigates and fleet-accompanying frigates.


Galaxies are the smallest organizational units made up of planets. There are a maximum of 10 planets within a galaxy.

General Shooter

The general shooter types of ships are dangerous to all ship classes. They

attack their target in the following order:

Fighter - Gunboat - Frigate - Destroyer - Cruiser - Battleship

They attack the Fighter types of ships first until there are none left and then move on to the Gunboats etc.


The gunboat is a light battle unit, larger in size than a fighter. It has a more powerful engine, its weaponry is stronger, and its shields are more resistant. As a result of this, however, it is also slower than a fighter. The basis of the gunboat’s defense is the same as that of the fighter -- its speed allows it to evade the fire of stronger weapons.

Basic armament: full arsenal of upgraded low performance weapons: laser, photon cannon, torpedo, ion cannon, plasma cannon and antimatter-ejector.

Shield: reinforced basic shield, providing full protection against lasers, but it can only escape larger weapons by using its speed.

The gunboat is a widespread and varied ship class. For its size it has significant firepower. Modern weaponry widens the gunboats options in battlefield application. The gunboat is useful in open fights and it can be quite effective when deployed alongside larger ships. A primary advantage is its cheap production costs.


After the Universe Supervisory Races Imperial Bureau had been formed, it decreed that it would bestow honors on those who performed exceptionally in certain fields. The awards are given on two levels: the planetary and the federal. Honors can be awarded to any species, but the selection process is confidential and solely the prerogative of the Imperial Bureau.

Information Probe

This probe supplies information on the current activities of the target planet by hacking into its communication system. Valuable information about previous battles can be obtained using information probes, and with the help of special programs, even data that has been deleted from the planet’s activity history is vulnerable.

Military Probe

A military probes is the optimized version of a ship probe used for fleet reconnaissance. It gathers information on army units, on fleet structure and on the movements of the target planet’s forces. Collected data can also include the availability of a planet’s ships and whether they are set on the defensive or ready to mount an attack.

Military Strategy Minister

The Alliance Founding Commander nominates him. His job is to organize the battles but he can also request and provide defense for the planets of the alliance. He can receive „Ministerial Commissions” every round.

Origin Research Project

By most standards, the Origin Research Project is the most important project of the Universal Research Convention. It studies the origin of the Universe and the Six Species, and it oversees ongoing studies of the Ascon civilization.


The purpose of the Planetary Defense System is to protect your planet against hostile species. When your PDS units are completed, they will provide automatic protection for your planet against hostile attacks.


Celestial body orbiting a star with a significant enough volume and weight to take a spherical form that is essential for hydrostatic balance. The home of a chosen race, everyone rules one of these Planets.

Planetary defense system (PDS) probe

The most important reconnaissance instrument used before an attack, the PDS probe analyzes the planetary defense system of the target planet. It delivers immediate information about the target’s PDS that may reveal any nasty surprises waiting for the attacker. The probe destroys itself together with its booster rocket after transmitting this information.

Planetary probe

The planetary probe reveals several pieces of information about a target planet. This information includes the number of points, the raw material resources, and the level of development and construction. The planetary probe also collects a basic level of military information including fleet profiles and the size of the planetary defense system.

Plasmator probe

An economy’s most important instrument is the Plasmator probe. These probes search for Plasmators that have not yet been exploited. The probe then communicates with the Plasmator’s management system and executes a Warlord’s command to drag it in. Multiple Plasmator probes may be deployed simultaneously.


Plasmators, the heritage of the Ascons, are self-operating factories that – by flipping a single switch – are capable of producing three types of raw material: metal, crystal or narion. These elements are the basic building blocks of all activity in the Universe.


A single-use, fully automated reconnaissance unit that may be launched against a target. Over time offensive and defensive military intelligence procedures became fully automated. Probes specialize in collecting certain information packages, while satellites are responsible for destroying probes. Any number of these can be deployed. Probes use all of their energy while collecting information and therefore they can only be used once.

Protecting the status quo

A Universal right based on the law of the Ascons. It is in the ultimate interest of the Universe’s existence to maintain the status quo. In order to protect it, the Universe does not tolerate any offence that would endanger the balance of power. Therefore, it restricts the strong, and protects the weak. This leads to the right to fair combat. Protection of the status quo is Law Number II of the Universe.


All species have this ship, which can loot raw materials from the stocks of its enemies. In addition, every species has an plasmator capturing ship, which can prey upon the raw material producing plasmators of its enemies. Attention: the name and class of this type of ship is different for each species!

Raw materials

Since the discovery of the Plasmators, only three types of raw material have been used in the universe: metal, crystal, and narion. These three materials are the basic building blocks for technological advancement, construction, and the building and propulsion of ships. Raw materials are produced by the automated Plasmators.

Raw material transporter

This unit transports raw material extracted from the Plasmators to storage sites where the materials can be exploited. It is not capable of transporting organic materials or machines and therefore cannot be used for travel.

Shadow ships

Special ships used by the Shin race. These ships are invisible, so probes will provide inaccurate information about the structure and size of a Shin fleet. The Shin have shadow-type ships in all the ship classes.

Ship Probe

The ship probe searches for ships belonging to a target planet and transmits information about them. It performs reconnaissance activity by collecting information on the type, classification and number of ships.

Six Laws of the Universe

See also Universal Law of Ascons.

Space Bending

The method of travel in the Universe. A spaceship does not travel between two points; rather, it ”bends” space by putting the departure point and the destination point next to each other. This way, jumping from one point to the next is instantaneous. All such travel occurs in hyperspace, during which the spaceship cannot attack or be attacked.

Species Specific Developments

Ships provided by the Universe Supervisory Species are available for everyone in the Universe, as well as the possibility to develop and build the six standard ship types is accessible to all of the species.

However every species can modify these basic models according to their own life conditions, technology, tactics and other custom developments. These are the developments that are specific to the species. Such a development for example is that on all of the Human ships there are entertaining units. The Zyk completely transform the Hunters. They attach fixing elements to the back of a special insect to which a space console can be connected. The weapons, engine and life support systems are placed on this console. Everything that is important from the Hunter technology.

There is very little information on species specific developments, every species treats it with the greatest secrecy. We do not have even approximate information on the scale of the number of such developments. However it is certain that their number is significant, it is proven by how differently ships that look alike can behave in battle.

Additional weapons are amongst species specific developments, which, although cannot destroy the enemy ship, can cause damage or serious functional problems. Technologies and special defense systems for deceiving or intimidating the enemy also rank amongst such developments.

The Shin and the Khaduuii species have the most special systems. The Shins do not want to share the secret of invisibility with anyone, while the Khaduiis guard their EMI technology and the secret of their menthalmage systems. Regarding the invisibility technology of the Shin, we only know that nano-robots receive and project the picture. However no one has seen a working specimen, as all of them have an in-built self-destruct system. If the ship is destroyed or they are disconnected from it, they self destruct.

The species of the Khaduuii similarly guard their secret. It is certain that the menthalmages do not live on board in the usual way, but spend their time in special capsules. These capsules not only provide life support but also the connection with the systems of the ship, as well as functioning as an escape pod. In case the ship suffers fatal damage, the capules function as escape pods, defending the greatest asset of the Khaduuiis. The pods freed from the ship immediately escape to hyperspace and await arrival of the rescue teams.

The most important method for keeping the secrets is that every custom development is an individual container, also containing a self-destruct mechanism. In case the ship is destroyed or the container breaks adrift, the self-destruct sequence is automatically activated.

Allegedly once in a battle the Human Fleet succeeded in capturing a menthalmage capsule. The Fleet however never arrived home with its prize. All of the Khaduuii ships of the Universe turned on the fleet and the battle continued, with pursuit until the entire fleet was destroyed.

Supreme Commander

The Supreme Commander creates the Alliance and rules the Alliance.

Technical errors of unknown origin

See The Universal Laws of the Ascons.

The right of Habitation

A Universal law based on the Law of the Ascons. Every member of the Universe has an inalienable right to live on his or her planet. Nobody can take this planet away, nor can it be destroyed by anyone. This law serves the universal balance. This is Law Number I of the Universe.

The right to fair combat and the right to survive

A Universal right based on the law of the Ascons. In order to maintain the balance of the Universe and to protect the weak, an enemy can only be attacked if the attacker’s points are not more than double the defender’s points. However, this rule does not apply to the total point value of the attackers but the individual point value of each attacker. Additionally, a maximum of 25% of a combatant’s Plasmators can be seized as loot in the course of the attack to prevent the total devastation of the defender. This is Law Number III of the Universe.

The right to free development

A Universal right based on the law of the Ascons. All species, alliances and individuals have the right to develop freely. They can form alliances, break alliances, expand, conquer and capture. But they cannot violate the Universal laws. This is Law Number IV of the Universe.

The right to have peace in the galaxy

A Universal right based on the law of the Ascons. In order to maintain the balance, it is forbidden for a planet to attack another in the same galaxy, even if they belong to different alliances. This is Law Number VI of the Universe.

The right to protect the Alliance

A Universal right based on the law of the Ascons. Everybody has the right to join alliances and withdraw from them. Members of an alliance cooperate, help and protect each other. Although members of the alliance can attack each other individualy or in groups, attacks are still forbidden against planets in the same galaxy. This is Law Number V of the Universe.

The Universal Laws of the Ascons

The Universe is randomly but consistently being manipulated. The Universe Supervisory Races Imperial Bureau initiated the Origin Research Project to methodically investigate all occurrences of “unknown sourced technical errors”, “divine intervention”, and ”unexplained events.” The results of the project found that these unusual occurrences happen based on certain laws that do not seem to have any root in the “natural” order of things. The seemingly arbitrary nature of these laws has prompted most scholars to assume that they were imposed on this Universe by sentient beings for reasons unknown. Though there is no concrete proof, it is commonly believed that the Ascons established these laws as a social foundation on which their Universe would function. The six basic laws that resulted from the project’s findings have been tested and reproduced. They are binding for each and every species and creature of the Universe, and no appeal can be made against them. These laws have come to be known as the Universal Laws of the Ascons.

Thief ships

Special ships used by the Piraati race. The Predator can capture ships from the enemy’s fleet during battles. All combat ships of the Piraati race (Thief, Mugger, Outlaw, Robber, Bandit, Derrick, and Killer) have these characteristics.


Reaching of target. Touching may occur before Attacking or Defending. It literally means that the Fleet will reach its destination in the next round.


See Raw Material Transporter.

Unexplainable events

See the Universal Law of the Ascons.

Universal Research Convention

An organization established by the Universe Supervisory Races Imperial Bureau. The Universal Research Convention is tasked with collecting knowledge, researching, leading expeditions and solving the mysteries observed in the Universe. Their most important task is to research the Ascons.

Universal Time (Galacticax Time)

The main chronometrical system standardized by the Imperial Committee of the Universe Supervisory Races. It’s based on the Ascon’s control system. Universal Time is divided into three standardized elements: unit/turn/round.

Universe Supervisory Races Imperial Bureau

Also referred to as simply the Imperial Bureau. In order to sustain development and to resolve disputes, the Six Species created the Imperial Bureau. It creates regulations and laws to ensure its continued operation and to maintain order. Within the Bureau, all Six Species are evenly represented. The regulations, rules and laws created by the Imperial Bureau apply without exception and are binding for every individual of all species.


Az űrhajók legkisebb típusa. Kicsi, könnyű, és gyors. Ebből következik, hogy teherbírása kisebb, ezért páncélzata és fegyverei gyengék. Védelmének alapja gyorsasága, hogy ki tud térni az erősebb fegyverek tüze elől.

Alapfegyverzete: kis teljesítményű teljes arzenál: lézer, fotonágyú, torpedó, ionágyú, plazmaágyú, és antianyag-vető.

Pajzs: alappajzs. Védelmi képessége gyenge, inkább gyorsasága védi meg őket a nagyobb kaliberű fegyverektől.

Üzemanyag–felhasználását, fegyverzetet, és találati pontosságot tekintve a leggyengébb kategória. Előnye a gyors gyártási idő, és a költséghatékonyság, ezért minden faj flottájában megtalálható. Gyengeségüket mennyiséggel lehet ellensúlyozni, így jelentős hadászati erőt képviselhetnek.

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