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The Ascons

The Ascons are a nation from a bygone era. They are an ancient civilization whose origin, history and disappearance are shrouded in mystery. Even the name “Ascon” is an invention of current times and derived from a contraction of astrum constructum, or “star builder.” Their level of development, knowledge and technology was far beyond our comprehension, indeed almost God-like in comparison.

It is widely believed that they built the universe and established the Universal Laws. It is not known, however, what became of them. Theories vary, but the most common suggest that they died out, they departed to an unknown destination, or they are simply invisible to the other inhabitants of their Universe. Evidence of their existence is found in the Universe and its Laws as well as the technological artefacts they left behind.

...They are an ancient civilization whose origin, history and disappearance are shrouded in mystery...

Observation of the Universe has yielded certain basic laws that seem to be irrefutable despite not having any obvious roots in the “natural” order of things. Some of these observations at first seemed strange and unnatural when compared to the laws of nature that the species had experienced before being admitted into the Ascon Universe. In order to study these unusual natural laws, the Universe Supervisory Races Imperial Bureau initiated the Origin Research Project. The project methodically investigated all occurrences of “unknown sourced technical errors”, “divine intervention”, and ”unexplained events.”

The Universe Supervisory Races Imperial Bureau examined the project results and found that these unusual occurrences happen on a consistent basis. They are, in short, irrefutable laws of the Universe. These laws govern what is possible or impossible in the Universe. Additionally, these laws seem arbitrary and ordered enough that most scientists have concluded they were created by sentient beings, the Ascons. It is unknown whether they created these laws to govern their own civilization, or whether they did so to observe the actions of other species living within this context. Either way, the six basic laws that resulted from the project’s findings have been tested and reproduced. They are binding for each and every species and creature of the Universe, and no appeal can be made against them. These laws have come to be known as the Universal Laws of the Ascons.

...It is widely believed that they built the universe and established the Universal Laws...

In addition to the Universal Laws, there are certain technological artefacts believed to be the legacy of the Ascon civilization. It must be noted that no ruins or other archaeological discoveries have been credited to the Ascon civilization. Only certain technologies and mechanical constructs have been credited to them. These technological artefacts were obviously built to last an eternity and remain in working order to this day. The Plasmators (seemingly inexhaustible raw material factories) and the Ascon control systems (highly advanced navigation systems) are the two main examples of such technological artefacts. Though the Six Species make use of these technologies, they are essentially incomprehensible and cannot be reproduced.

The Ascon control systems are a particularly interesting example of Ascon legacy. All Six Species found large quantities of these navigation units when they were admitted into the Universe. The Species used these control systems to set up their own fleets, and they have successfully used them ever since. Interestingly, while the species can use these control systems to efficiently travel throughout the Ascon Universe, there are a limited number of destinations which are available to them, primarily planets capable of supporting life. It follows that there are innumerable galaxies that are not open to travel for the Six Species. Like so many other aspects of the Universe, the reason for this is a mystery, perhaps one only answerable by the Ascons.

(Based on the excerpt from the Universal Research Convention Origin Research Project’s UKH 3019, UKH 3665, and UKH 4117 report )