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It's your turn!

In the Galacticax Universe every Warlord controls his or her own Planet.
It is their home that can be overrun by the enemy but can never be lost. However, this Planet is only a fleck of dust in the infinite darkness of space. One is lost alone. You can only succeed with the help of your allies.

Members of an Alliance defend each other, synchronize their actions and attack their enemies together. Everyone has their own unique task and role: the Weak do their best to help others and in turn, they gain protection. The most experienced and greatest members get real power but they bear serious responsibility as well.

Don’t forget: the final words are spoken by weapons in this Universe and your allies cannot go to battle instead of you. So be ready to act at any time, defend yourself if you are attacked and rush your enemies when they are exposed. Be cunning and merciless. Only the Meek will be punished for their lack of courage.

Prepare for battle…