Be the ruler of the Universe!

The Universe, where six races fight for resources

In the Galacticax Universe only one thing is constant: war. There are allies, but peace is an unknown concept in this place. The Humans with their powerfull weapons, the cold and nearly indestructible Digitrox, the mystical Shin, the peaceful and genetically perfected Khaduuii, the roughneck Piraati who attack with ships stolen from others, and the swarming mutated insects Zyk fight an endless battle that sets this cruel world aflame. Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses: no one is invulnerable.

In the Galacticax Universe, the world’s greatest strategists, the merciless Warlords battle one-another to obtain power and the ever-scarce resources. Everyone has a role and task here: the weak can enjoy the protection of a powerful alliance and can gather the scraps, while the truly greate ones can rise up and lead the others. Although others may give you protection and funding, never forget this: you can’t trust anyone but yourself!

In the depths of space, no one can hear you scream...

Planet production

The Universe is open to all. There are no fees, no further forms to fill out and no unnecessary questions to answer. Only one thing is unavoidable: battle!