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1. Multi-ing (one Warlord – one Planet)

Every warlord can only control one planet in the Galacticax Universe. One warlord controlling two planets or logging into another warlord's planet is considered multy-ing, regardless of intention.

„2 players / 1 device” request

If two planets are controlled from one pc, mobile, tablet, or any type of physical device due to the lack of device (So each person controls his own planet), they must report it by a ticket at the start of a tournament. They have to repeat it at every tournament start.

The content of the ticket:

Subject: „2 players / 1 device”

Content: the PRECISE name of the planets, their coordinates

Reason of the request, frequency of logins (The maximum number of planets can be controlled on a device is 2, there is no exception!)

For example:

Katie (2:19:10:3)

Samanta (2:19:10:5)

We are sisters, we log in during a week, every day between 14:00 and 7:00.


Dark Knight (1:1:3:5)

Robin (1:1:4:7)

We are fellow workers, we log in at every workday between 8:00 and 17:00.

Attention: if any parts of the ticket is not accurate, the USRIB will ignore it.Furthermore, the USRIB is not bound to accept the reason of the request and can reject it without any explanation.

By using „2 players / 1 device” the expectations towards the planets are the following:

• They can't be members of two alliances, regardless of the alliances being allies or enemies, only one of them can be an alliance officer.

• It is prohibited to attack or protect the same planet (or planets in the same galaxy) at exactly the same time. Details: a planet cannot launch a fleet towards a target-planet or galaxy until the fleet of the other planet has not returned to it's base yet from the target-planet or galaxy.

• They cannot perform a counter-attack to each other’s attacker.

• They can't send each other resources or credits.

• They can't be each other's mentor or student.

• The minimal amount of time that must elapse between one logging out and the other logging in must be at least 10 minutes each time.

Attention: if the planet „couple” does not obey these rules, the general multi-ing or farming rules come into effect in connection with them.


It is important to note that sanctions are only valid in the current tournament. So a new tournament is equal with a clean sheet. During the current tournament nobody can be accused with a misdemeanor happened in a previous tournament. Planets which are permanently banned due to multiple fouls can be requested to recover by a ticket at the beginning of a new tournament!

Multi-ing: the possession of multiple planets

Multi-ing is the situation when somebody has a full control over multiple planets in the Universe of GalacticaX. So he does not logins to somebody else’s planet only, but he had registered the planet or took over it from another warlord.

1th case: The warlord gets a notification message from the USRIB to decide wich planet does he choose to keep. He has 48 hours to make his decision by a ticket sent to the Support or by messaging the administrator aleatory mentioned in the warn. The chosen planet gets a 72 rounds long vacation mode as a punishment and the other one/s gets deleted by the USRIB. The abuse of the 48 hours long grace period interrupts the waiting of the USRIB and forces it to make the planet-choice decision by itself.

2nd case: The Bureau deletes all of the planets possessed by the warlord without any exceptions.

Multi-ing: Planet usage divison, or breaking the „2 players / 1 device” rules

Planet usage division is the situation when players tell each other their login data, and by this, they share control over their own planet.

1th case: The involved planets get a 72 rounds long vacation mode as a punishment.

2nd case: Vacation mode again, but this time it is 168 rounds: 1 Earth-time week long.

3rd case: The offender’s planet gets a permanent deletion.

2. Appearance

The pictures used as avatars, the names and abbreviations for planets, galaxies and alliances, the mottoes and signatures and all other text available for public viewing must all fall under the rules of good taste. They must not be offensive to others, disgusting or repulsive, or contain sexual undertones. They must not insult any religion, politics, ethnical or any other groups or organizations. They must not contain political propaganda, advertisement for any company, product or service or any data within the Galacticax Universe that regarding to their actuality. This rule concerns the picture's, flavour-texts’ and name's entirety, including all fractions, special abbreviations and pronunciations. The use of symbols of power, pornographic or overly violent (possibly horror-like) content is strictly prohibited. Since the Galacticax Universe is E (everyone) rated, pictures or texts mentioning violence, sexual themes, alcohol-, medication- and drug use or trafficking are strictly prohibited! When choosing pictures or phrases, please try to make sure they fit the nature of the Galacticax Universe.

All warlords must follow these rules. Any offensive material will be moderated by the Bureau, and the offending warlord will be sanctioned in proportion to the seriousness of the misdemeanor.

3. Communication

Those who are new to the Universe must study the rules and observe the conversations on the forums and chat. Players who regularly use the communication interfaces rightfully expect new players not to disrupt their fun and get used to their surroundings peacefully. If they have any questions, they should ask others, but must be careful not to sound forceful! It's wise to observe quietly for a while, so they can get to know the group's culture well. Veteran warlords have more influence, so their words are heavier than the words of new players.

The following rules should be memorised by everyone, because -just as in real life- ignorance of the rules do not render one immune to prosecution for breaking them!

All activities that prevent the functionality of the game's internal communication system, compromise the reliability of the system or use up unnecessary bandwidth are prohibited. This means that warlords shouldn't repeat themselves unnecessarily, shouldn't write overly long messages and shouldn't post multiple times in a short period of time (double posting). Writing or copying meaningless character-chains and using 3 or more headers in a single post are also prohibited. The headers are used to set the tone of the post, but simply using a header does not diffuse the possible offensive nature of a post.

It is every warlord's personal business what ethnic group they belong to, what their religion is, what their political views are. Keep this in mind during a conversation, and communicate accordingly! All forms of racism, degrading terms and symbols of power are prohibited by the USRIB, as their use is not only immoral but illegal and will be punished! All forms of advertising or gain oriented acts are prohibited on the internal communication systems. Obscene phrases are also prohibited, even if they are illegible but the meaning can easily be recognized! Any entered text, quote or link that may impair another Warlord within the galacticax Universe in any way are also strictly forbidden. The use of all-caps is also frowned upon, as they are considered shouting.

In the galacticax Universe, obeying the rules of communication is mandatory!

The regulation of the internal communication systems is the duty of the administrators. In case of a deliberate offense they are given free rein to reprimand the offending warlords. Members and delegates of the USRIB have the right to judge any debate and pass judgement on and carry out any necessary action concerning the cause.

They have the right to modify or remove any offending messages and posts, and warn or ban the offending warlords as they see fit!

We ask all warlords to maintain proper spelling and vocabulary in their messages.

All information published on the forums is considered public, so we advise against posting personal information there (like name, telephone number, address, IP number etc.). In case such a post results in harassment or abuse the Bureau takes no responsibility! The use of any information referenced from posts submitted here are not against the rules.

Posts and comments submitted in the internal communication systems do not fall under the Personal Data Protection Clause of the law! Despite this, any message or comment not directly connected to the Galacticax Universe that contains personal data on a person that was not permitted by the target person will be considered an offense. The Bureau will moderate these posts, and the offending warlord will be sanctioned in proportion to the seriousness of the misdemeanor.

4. Farming

Any planet that supplies other planets with plasmators, resources and ships or takes part in a battle that only serves to give XP with minimal loss or participates in similar acts is considered farming! In inconclusive cases the USRIB retains the right to decide whether it counts as farming or not.

A planet that leaves an alliance can’t attack or be attacked by its former fellow alliance members positioned in the same galaxy for 72 rounds.

The Bureau views the following actions as farming:

  1. The planet has no defences and isn’t defended by anyone.
  2. A warlord participates in a battle where the gained loot is too great compared to the losses suffered.
  3. If the utilized fleets are too weak for the battle at hand.
  4. If the possibility of the battle being pre-organized is reported.
  5. If the attacker cuts in front of another attacker.


It is important to note that sanctions are only valid in the current tournament. So a new tournament is equal with a clean sheet. During the current tournament nobody can be accused with a misdemeanor happened in a previous tournament. Planets which are permanently banned due to multiple fouls can be requested to recover by a ticket at the beginning of a new tournament!


1th case: The involved planets get a 72 rounds long vacation mode as a punishment, and the USRIB resets the in-game values which have been changed by the farming if necessary.

2nd case: Vacation mode again, but this time it is 168 rounds: 1 Earth-time week long. The USRIB resets the in-game values which have been changed by the farming if necessary.

3rd case: The offender’s planet gets a permanent deletion. The USRIB resets the in-game values on the planets which are still active if necessary.

5. Safety

The USRIB is careful to make extremely uneven battles impossible.

If the intended target’s score doesn’t reach at least 50% of the score of the attacking warlord’s planet, the warlord can’t attack the planet. The USRIB checks the scores of both attacker and target automatically directly before every battle, and will recall the dispatched fleets whenever necessary.

Newly created planets enjoy a 96 turn protection-period. During this time the planet’s Warlord can send out any fleet, but no attacking fleets may target their planet. The USRIB checks for this every time an attacking fleet is given the dispatch order.

After the protection-period expires, a Warlords without any XP can only attack/defend and be attacked/defended by other Warlords without XP until the 240th turn. Afterwards the planet enjoys no USRIB protection. The USRIB automatically checks for such cases at the dispatch of any fleets.

Warlords who wish to leave the galacticax Universe temporarily have the option of placing their planet under USRIB protection temporarily. This is called Vacation-mode, which upon activation renders the planet immune to all effect within the galacticax Universe for a period of up to 720 turns. Take heed: after activating Vacation-mode and logging out, the Warlord cannot access their own planet for 72 turns. Logging in after the initial 72 turns will instantly disengage Vacation-mode. Failure to log into the planet for more than 720 turns after activating Vacation-mode will result in the planet’s deletion. Any incoming or outgoing fleets dispatched before the activation of Vacation-mode will be unaffected by its protection.

Abandoned planets deleted for inactivity, planets deleted due to misconduct and planets deleted consciously by their Warlords are not permanently lost. Warlords have the opportunity to reactivate these planets by following the proper regulations and submitting a Ticket containing their request and necessary parameters through the Support system. To find out what regulations apply to what case, please consult the Support system. Reactivating a planet is strictly within the Proctor Conductor’s authority and relies solely on their decision. The USRB does not answer for changes made on a reactivated planet and their decisions concerning such planets are final and non-debatable.

6. Law Enforcement

Deciding what counts as an offence, how grave the offence is and how strict the punishment will be are all part of the Bureau’s authority, and no one else has the right to attempt such actions. The Bureau also has the right to apply less- or more strict punishments based on individual cases and use other sanctions if it decides the situation requires doing so. Under no circumstances are the members and delegates of the USRIB required to make changes, revoke made changes, refund any lost in-game materials or share data at a player’s request/demand!


Outside applications, programs, codes, scripts, etc., that in some way benefit Warlords in the galacticax Universe may only be used if sanctioned by the USRIB itself. Such a sanction can be requested through the Support system. The Bureau upholds the right to deny such a sanction.

By playing GalacticaX you have to be aware of the rule that any type of browser, application or device is strictly forbidden (For e.g.: The Onion Router browser) which is able to modify your public internet use data (Among other things: IP address or internet service provider) by data modification or data falsification.

Punishments, deletions and decisions regarding the Universe and the warlords are not debateable. The USRIB retains the right to alter the rules as necessary, even without pronouncing such changes to the player-base.

Any messages, forum posts and comments deemed derogatory towards the USRIB or its staff will be instantly deleted and the offending Warlord and their planet may be permanently banned.

The Bureau asks all warlords to report all in-game bugs and errors to the USRIB immediately. These reports must be officially made in the form of Tickets sent to the Support system. The Bureau is not required to take reports of bugs or errors posted on the forums into consideration! Any player caught abusing in-game errors/bugs for personal gain will be severely punished!

It is possible that due to circumstances beyond the USRIB’s control the game may temporarily stop functioning, unexpected changes may happen or some pages, functions may become temporarily inaccessible. The USRIB is not bound to refund damages caused by such events in any way!