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Galacticax Species



How do you fight a species that has a nearly invincible planetary defense system? The Digitrox are maybe the most mysterious of the six species.

They are not living creatures but intelligent machines. Their defense is based on using massively thick metal shields, which also causes them to be somewhat slow. During fights their lost ships are recyclable, so manufacturing them is relatively cheap and quick. Their defense systems are remarkably strong. With their Inter-Device Communication they can easily hack the electronic systems of other ships, thereby being able to conquer even bigger fleets. After wars they replace their losses by manufacturing. Their planetary defense system is the strongest anywhere.


Humans are the most contradictory of the six species inhabiting the Universe. Despite their weaknesses, on the whole they are one of the strongest species.

They have the highest number of different ship types, providing them with a great range of tactical possibilities. They create huge, strong and effective machines with great destructive power. With their remarkably violent fighting style they aim to maximize the damage they cause in battle. They are aggressive in both war and diplomacy. The destructive power of their weapons is immense, and many of their ships can be split into independent units and attack from multiple flanks at the same time.


The Khaduuii are a species that never fight their own battles. They are highly advanced individuals created by way of genetically accelerated evolution.

Because of their respect of life they do not use lethal weapons themselves but hire mercenaries to fight for them. The most important of their own weapons is a blocking technology based on electromagnetic impulses (EMI). In smaller battles their ships seem invulnerable. With accurately directed radiation they are able to disarm entire fleets in a matter of seconds. Their mercenary forces combined with the Khaduuii blocking fleet equipped with EMI technology make up one of the most capable military forces in the Universe to this day.


The Shin, another mysterious species of the Universe, revere the power of the mind and are able to harness states of consciousness that allow them to use their thoughts as weapons.

By the mere power of their thoughts they can do terrible violence to their enemies. With the help of nanotechnology, the Shin have also developed a cloaking technology that makes their ships and planets completely invisible. Standard techniques of probe espionage are essentially useless for gathering information on their activities or movements. In war they are exceptionally vicious and fanatical fighters who kill with pleasure. The combination of their psychic discipline and their advanced and efficient fleet makes the Shin a formidable opponent.


As a species, the Piraati have evolved into a culture of theft and violence, the kind of people who, if in need of a ship, would sooner steal one than build it.

The Piraati hackers are also reputed to be among the best in the Universe. The Piraati are highly trained professional soldiers, who are often sought out as mercenaries. They assimilate new technological developments via their extensive and well-organized hacker and spy networks. The warfare technique practiced by the Piraati requires relatively quick and lethal spacecraft. Their tactics tend toward speed and the use of surprise. The defense capabilities of their spacecraft are strong given their size, and their firepower is outstanding.


The Zyk are hive insects that have adapted to the most austere cosmic conditions. The Zyk strength lies in numbers.

Though infighting and violence between hive mates is common, the species still reproduces rapidly enough that their population outpaces most other species. They often use chemical and biological weapons, but in general, their spacecraft and weapons are somewhat primitive. Their numerical superiority consistently outweighs these disadvantages. Their tactics usually consist of rapid, aggressive advances on enemy positions, overrunning them by force. This style of warfare results in heavy losses, but this cost is considered acceptable. Their unique armor is made of organic material and provides an almost impenetrable shield.