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Terms and Conditions

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The galacticax is a free on-line game that may be used by anybody
who registers on any galacticax website (e.g.,,, etc.) and accepts the Terms of Use. The detailed description of the game can be found on the galacticax website.

By registering on any of the websites above, You as User accept
the provisions of the Terms of Use. Following registration, the present Terms of Use, in its actual version, shall apply to the legal relationship between the User and the Service Provider, irrespectively of on which
galacticax website the User is using the game.

Please print or save a copy of the Terms and Conditions for your own use before using the services.

    1. Data of Service Provider

  • Company name: Exender Ltd.
  • Seat: 30 Worthing Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1SL
  • E-mail:
  • Number of registry: 08409110
  • Registrar: Registrar of Companies for England and Wales

2. Description of the service

The galacticax is a free of charge on-line strategic game. However, certain extra services may be available in return for fee. You may read further details about available extra services, as well as payment options under the galacticax website.

Technical requirements necessary for participation in the game:

- Internet access

- Internet browser
(Recommended Browsers: Internet Explorer 8.0, Firefox 3.6, Chrome 10.0, Opera 11.0, Safari 5.0, and later versions of these browsers)

- E-mail address; the password may be changed at any time, under
the ’Profile’ menu of the game.

In certain cases, breach of any of the rules of galacticax may result in exclusion from the service.

3. Registration

Only adult persons not falling under guardianship affecting legal capacity are eligible to use the service, to participate in the game. Persons with
a limited legal capacity are entitled to register exclusively with the consent of the parent, guardian or other person exercising parental supervision.
By registering, the User declares that he/she has full legal capacity
or possesses such necessary consent.
Registration of a planet
Successful registration is a condition to joining the game.

Following successful registration Service Provider sends a registration activitation e-mail to the email address provided by User within 24 hours. The e-mail includes an activation link, by clicking on, or by copying which into another browser window activation will take place. The User
will receive the login name and password necessary to the log in within
24 hours following activation. The planet created by registration will appear in the system only after successful activation.

It is User’s obligation to keep the password secret; Service Provider
shall not be liable for any damage or other disadvantage resulting from
the failure to comply with this obligation. User shall be solely liable towards Service Provider or third parties for any and all activities taking place through User’s access. If User discovers that somebody has obtained
his access, User shall promptly inform Service Provider.

Following registration, Service Provider reserves the right to delete those registrations which are not appropriate: not allowed character strings, registrations including obscene words etc. Planet names with html elements (with tags) (for example: href, img src) shall be promptly deleted as well.

Each User may register one planet only. If User registers more than one planets, these will be deleted.

Modification and deletion of a registration
Modification of registered data is possible via the website.

In reasonable cases, Service Provider may delete a registration
at any time with an immediate effect, especially in the following cases:

  1. Based on registration emails returned to the Service Provider following registrations filled in incorrectly; the primary reason for this is incorrect email address provided.

  2. The system automatically deletes registrations which were successful, but the activation of which did not take place within 2 days.

  3. The system automatically deletes registrations which were successful, but there was no login within 3 days following activation.

  4. The system automatically deletes successful registrations the login dates of which is older than 7 days.

  5. The system automatically deletes suspended registrations the last login date of which is older than 30 days.

  6. Service Provider randomly checks for registration data not filled
    in properly, and registrations not complying with the rules are deleted.

Deleted planets can be re-activated through the Support system.

User may delete his/her registration from the service at any time.

4. Credit purchase options and terms

The galacticax may be used for free of charge: it ensures comprehensive
and unlimited game experience, access, without the need for any payment.

However, Service Provider makes certain extra services available in return for a fee; by using such extra services, User may catch up with, or may gain certain advantage to other players. User accepts that extra services bought are valid at most until the end of the given turn: extra services bought will be deleted automatically at the end of the turn. So-called credits (utilizing which extra services may be used) received for the sums paid are transferable to the next turn(s).

Service Provider is developing the game continuously; in the framework
of this, Service Provider is introducing new extra services or fee payment options. The galacticax website provides comprehensive and continuously updated information on extra services and payment options available.

For the purposes of payment, Service Provider provides User a transaction ID in all cases (in case of all payment options). User is obliged to indicate this transaction ID at the payment transaction; Service Provider
is not responsible for any damage resulting from the omission thereof.

User accepts that Service Provider issues electronic invoices
on the payments made, which Service Provider delivers to User by email to the contact email address provided by User, as an attachment.
In case of payment by SMS, the payment appears on the invoice issued
by the telecommunications service provider.

5. Data processing

In the course of registration, the provision of the following data
is mandatory:

  • e-mail address
User declares that all data provided by him in the course of registration
is correct, real, and up-to-date.

In the course of registration, User provides further data: planet name,
user name, password. Participation in the game generates further personal data which will be stored by Service Provider.

In the course of data processing, Service Provider acts according to
the effective laws of Hungary (especially Act No. 63 of 1992
on the protection of personal data and the publicity of public data).
Data processing by Service Provider is based on Act No. 108 of 2001
on electronic commerce and on information society services,
and on the voluntary consent of User. Services Provider may process
the data provided and/or generated with the purpose of concluding
the contract, determining its content, modifying it, monitoring
its performance, invoicing the fees deriving from it, as well as enforcing the claims in connection with it, as well as for other purposes.

User expresses his consent by registering and using the service (game).

Service Provider automatically records on its servers the IP address
of User and the type of operation system as well as browser used
by him/her. Service Provider processes these data for correcting
any incidental errors of the service, improving its quality, developing
the website, and in an aggregated and processed form for statistical purposes. The data logged and provided by User shall in no event
be connected by Service Provider.

Service Provider processes User-related data processed (name, age, internet access used most frequently) confidentially. The system processes all data from registration until the deletion of the planet registered.

Service Provider may create statistics about the operation of the service, for which it may use data provided by Users (in an anonym manner). Service Provider may publish such statistics for information provision purposes. Service Provider may process personal data for other purposes only with User's prior consent.

Service Provider is authorized to transmit User's data (including the e-mail address) to third parties, especially for the purpose of transferring
the operation of the service (game), transferring the game, further development, operation of the game, preventing security issues, enforcing the rights of Service Provider or any user, as well as for promotion purposes. User consents to such transfer of data by registering.

By registering, User provides consent to permit Service Provider to send informative letters on its services. Sending of such communications
may be disabled in the manner described in the communications sent out.

Certain services place a unique identifier, a „cookie” on User's computer. Cookies serve exclusively to facilitate user authentication (identification, authentication); Service Provider will not use them for any other purpose. Accepting cookies may be disabled by User, which does not constitute
an obstacle to using the services.

Service Provider will record data suitable to access Users physically exclusively if the character of the given service makes it inevitable.
Data shall be used exclusively for the purposes approved by User
in advance, and they shall not be transmitted to any third party under
any circumstances, with the exceptions prescribed by law.

6. Public communication channels

User uses public communicational channels constituting part of the services (e.g. forums, chat, messages-system) on User's own responsibility. User provides consent that Service Provider may quote or reproduce his comments, without
any limitations. Service Provider may delete comments which are harmful, unlawful, which infringe the personality rights of others, are unfair, threatening, defamatory, slanderous, obscene or objectionable
in any other way, from any of viewpoint, as well as those containing advertisements.

7. Liability

Service Provider excludes all responsibility for behavior attested by Users of the website. Service Provider does not monitor the texts placed
by Users. User shall be fully and exclusively responsible for his/her own behavior; in such cases Service Provider shall fully cooperate
with the proceeding authorities to facilitate exploration of breaches of law.

Service Provider shall not be responsible for damage resulting from
the improper use of the passwords.

Service Provider provides the game and the website to User in its actual state (‘as is’). User acknowledges that

  • Service Provider shall not be responsible for any operation failures
    or deficiencies occurring at the time of the visit of the website
    or in the course of participation in the game, either directly, indirectly,
    or randomly;
  • the continuous (outage -free) operation of the service
    is not guaranteed;
  • Service Provider does not guarantee that the game fully meets
    User's expectations, and that any related comments, requests
    by User will be implemented; and
  • Service Provider does not guarantee that errors occurring in the course of the functioning of the Software to which access is provided to User as part of the Service will be corrected.

The service contains several linking points (link) which lead to other service providers' websites. Service Provider does not undertake responsibility for the data processing practice, functioning and services
of such service providers.

Due to the global character of the Internet, User undertakes to proceed
in compliance with the provisions of all relevant national measures
in the course of the usage of the service. If any activity related
to the usage of the service is not permitted according to the laws
of User's state, User shall exclusively bear responsibility for usage.

No provision of the present Terms of Use prevent Service Provider's responsibility for damage the liability for which damage
may not be excluded or limited according to applicable laws.

8. Unilateral modification of Terms of Use;
the suspension and the termination of the service

Service Provider reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use unilaterally, with the prior notification of users (by means of a short notice
on the website). With the first usage of the service following the entry into force of such amendment, You approve of the amended terms of use.

Service Provider carries out product development and innovation continuously in order to provide the best for users. User accepts that Service Provider may modify, from time to time, the functions and features of the game, without a prior notice.

User acknowledges that he is entitled to play the actual game variant
at all times.

Service Provider, also considering that the service is provided free
of charge, may at any time suspend or terminate the provision
of the service (or any element thereof, any specific service provided
to the User) without a prior notice, including possibly the suspension
or termination of an ongoing turn. In such a case, User may not make
any claim (fee refund or other claim).

If User notices any irregularity or failure in the game or the website, he/she shall promptly inform Service Provider thereof.

By registration, User accepts that Service Provider is eligible to transfer the service to another service provider at any time, without the need
for an expressed consent from User. In such a case, the new service provider will inform User of the change occurred in the contracting person in the contract concluded based on the present Terms of Use.

9. Copyright

The software works, texts, images, graphics, animations and sound files, as well as their environment on the galacticax website are subject to copyright protection. Images marked as ‘Copyright free’ by Service Provider
are exceptions from this rule.

Beyond the cases defined in the Terms of Use, User does not obtain a right to use these in any manner (particularly the reproduction, multiplication, copying, release and selling of the services).

User may not reverse engineer or decode, or attempt in any other way
to obtain the source code of the game or any parts thereof, may not study the software beyond participation in the game, may not create a derivative work from it, and may not grant a permission to do any of these to a third person.

10. Other conditions of use

User may not use any software which alters or modifies the operation
of the galacticax Universe, the game, or the website. Furthermore, User may
not use any software (bot, script) which automates certain steps
or processes of the game.

User acknowledges that he/she possesses goods in the game only virtually. Trading with the goods obtained or bought within the game
is permitted exclusively within the game.

User may not use the game for business purposes. User may especially not transfer (assign) his user access either for a remuneration or free
of charge.

The agreement concluded by registering is concluded in the Hungarian language, does not qualify to be made in writing, and will not be filed
by Service Provider. User acknowledges that if Service Provider
has had the Hungarian version of the Terms of Use translated to your language, this has been done for the users' convenience only, and even
in such a case the Hungarian language version shall govern the legal relationship between User and Service Provider. If there is a contradiction between the Hungarian and any other language version of the Terms
of Use, the Hungarian version shall prevail.

Service Provider reserves the right to display advertisements
and promotions on the pages of the game. The method, manner
and extent of such advertisement may be determined by Service Provider at its own discretion. Furthermore, by registration User consents that Service Provider may send free letters with the purpose of advertising;
User may disable this within the game.

In issues not regulated in the Terms of Use, Hungarian law shall govern
the contract concluded by registration.

For any legal disputes deriving from the service which cannot be settled
in an amicable way, Parties agree on the exclusive jurisdiction
of the Central District Court of Pest or, depending on competence,
the Metropolitan Court of Budapest in Hungary.